About Us

A&C Sawdust, LLC and L&M Custom Drying, LLC

A&C Sawdust started out originally as Van’s Sawdust owned by Jerry Van De Walle. In 1982 Jerry got sick from the sawdust, Ann and Chris Van De Walle purchased the business. In 2001 Chris bought out Ann’s share and Merlin and Chris took over.

A&C does all of the hauling/transportation and L&M Custom Drying buys and dries the sawdust.

What started out as 1 truck and a couple of trailers is now 15 trucks and 160 trailers, employing 15 drivers, 4 shop mechanics, 4 dryer operators and 3 full time office workers.

Starting out with one truck and a couple of trailers, has now grown into a fleet of 15 and over 160 trailers.

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